Arctic-Karelia Strategic Defensive Operation

This was the Soviet overall designation for its battles to halt and throw back the Finnish and German offensives, most notably 'Platinfuchs' and 'Polarfuchs' (i) designed to take Murmansk and sever this port’s railway link with the rest of the USSR, and to take Karelia and Leningrad (29 June/10 October 1941).

The constituent parts of the 'Arctic-Karelia Strategic Defensive Operation' were the 'Murmansk-Kandalaksha Defensive Operation' (29 June/19 September), the 'Vyborg-Keksholm Defensive Operation' (29 June/23 September), the 'Kestenga Defensive Operation' (1 July/10 October), and the 'Petrozavodsk, Ukhinskom-Rugozerskom and Olonetskom Defensive Operations' (1 July/10 October).