About Codenames

Codenames is a wholly non-partisan and apolitical site concerned with codenamed operations and associated undertakings, small and large, of World War II and the periods immediately preceding and following it.

The site is very much a work in evolutionary progress, and it is the intention that it will in due course be enlarged, upgraded, enhanced and, where necessary, corrected in fact and style.

Currently the site comprises over 6,300 operations. Any and all comments, suggestions, corrections and emendations are warmly welcomed so that the site’s scope and accuracy can be steadily improved.

Please note

  • To simplify the task of determining sides, the formations and units of the Allied powers are designated in medium type, whereas those of the Axis powers and their allies are designated in italic type. Basically the same convention has been used for the small number of operations which did not involve the Allied or Axis powers.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, corps, divisions and brigades should be taken as being of infantry.

  • Ranks are those of the period of the codename in which these commanders appear, and are generally quoted in the rank system of the relevant country.

  • Place names, especially when they have changed for political reasons or because of the revised orthodoxy of transliteration, are always a matter of difficulty, and I have used what seems to provide the best sense within the context of each operation.