Operation AB (i)

'AB' (i) was the Allied designation (together with a numerical suffix) of miscellaneous Allied convoys (1939/40).

The first convoy of this series was AB.1 of 2/13 September 1939, which headed west from Gibraltar for the dispersal of eight British ships in the form of the 7,124-ton British Ardour, 6,993-ton British Loyalty, 6,891-ton British Motorist, 7,017-ton British Princess, 4,581-ton British Progress, 5,101-ton City of Hereford, 5,828-ton City of Shanghai and 5,159-ton Rowanbank. The AB.2 convoy of 23/27 May 1940 from the Clyde river to Reykjavik, Iceland, comprised four British ships in the form of the 9,019-ton Bellerophon, 656-ton Dorset Coast, 7,350-ton Lycaon and 3,489-ton Sicilian Prince.