Operation Accomplish (ii)

'Accomplish' (ii) was the Allied designation of the advanced landing field at Zadar, on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia in Yugoslavia, for use in 'Bingham' (February 1945).

Totalling 627 RAF, 25 USAAF and 93 British army (primarily Royal Engineers) personnel, the 'Accomplish' party left Italy by ship on 2 February and had made the airfield at Zadar operational by 7 February. The airfield was designed to handle up to 200 fighter-bomber sorties per week, and the only aircraft based permanently on the airfield were four Supermarine Spitfire fighters for local air defence.

The availability of this airfield also allowed a major increase in the operations of Air Vice Marshal W. A. Elliot’s (from 17 February Air Vice Marshal G. H. Mills’s) Balkan Air Force against the German lines of communication between Brod and Zagreb, and provided limited facilities for heavy bombers of the USAAF.