Operation AH (i)

'AH' (i) was the designation of Allied tanker convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Aruba in the Netherlands West Indies to Halifax, Nova Scotia (July/September 1942).

The first of these three convoys was AH.1 of 27 July/5 August with the 8,238-ton Norwegian Britamsea, 8,062-ton British Carelia, 8,156-ton US Christy Payne, 9,003-ton US F. Q. Barstow, 6,429-ton Belgian Laurent Meeus, 7,419-ton Norwegian Marit II and 9,720-ton Norwegian Velma, escorted by the Canadian corvettes Halifax, Oakville and Snowberry. The last was AH.3 of 2/10 September with 18 merchant vessels and six escorts.

A half-brother convoy was AH.1S of 25/27 July from Curaçao to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the 7,623-ton Honduran Francis R. Hart, 2,624-ton US King, 8,151-ton Panamanian Livingston Roe, and 6,915-ton US Nevada, escorted by the British corvette Pimpernel.