Operation Albatross

'Albatross' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive in German-occupied Norway to reorganise local resistance groups where necessary, provide weapons and explosives training, instruct in resistance tactics, prepare plans for the prevention of a German scorched-earth policy in the area to the north of Stavanger, and reconnoitre the aluminium plant at Saudasjøen with a view to a possible attack (17 April 1944 onward).

The two-man party of L. Skjøld and P. Wegeland was delivered by sea, and continued with instruction through 1944 in co-operation with the local leadership of the Milorg military resistance organisation in Norway in Haugesund. Weapons were also delivered, but during the autumn the Germans began a series of raids and placed the organisation under severe pressure. In November the area was reinforced by the arrival of the 'Auk' team. An attack on Saudasjøen plant proved unnecessary as this had had ceased production for lack of the required bauxite ore.