Amoy Operation

The 'Amoy Operation' was part of the Japanese campaign in the 2nd Sino-Japanese War to blockade China and thereby prevent it from communicating with the outside world and importing arms and materials (10/12 May 1938).

Control of Amoy island would also provide a base to make the blockade of Fujian province more effective.

Like the 'Canton Operation', the 'Amoy Operation' was overseen by Vice Admiral Koichi Shiozawa, commander of the 5th Fleet during the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. In this undertaking, the fleet’s warships bombarded the city to cover the landing of more than 2,000 troops. Poorly equipped, the city’s defenders were forced to withdraw and move to Sung-yu. In overall terms the Japanese blockade was so successful that China’s ability to counterattack was effectively crippled.