Operation Amrum

(North Frisian island)

'Amrun' was a U-boat wolfpack operation in the Atlantic against various ON, HX and SC convoys (18/23 December 1943).

The wolfpack comprised U-302, U-311, U-392, U-629, U-960 and U-976, and neither lost any of its own number nor sank any ship.

Between 18 and 23 December the 'Sylt', 'Amrum' and 'Föhr' wolfpacks patrolled in the central part of the North Atlantic, but none of these wolfpacks gained any success. On 22/33 December the ON.216 and ONS.25 convoys passed between the 'Amrum' and 'Föhr' wolfpacks, and on 23 December the three wolfpacks were divided into the 'Rügen I' to 'Rügen VI' wolfpacks with the task of operating in the area to the west of Ireland.