Operation Anchorage

'Anchorage' was a US unrealised plan for the amphibious landing of formations of Lieutenant General Walter C. Krueger’s 6th Army at Hansa Bay in North-East New Guinea during April 1944 (late 1943/early 1944).

Hansa Bay lies on the north coast of New Guinea between Madang and Wewak. Though undeveloped, the area was suitable for the construction of airfields, and became a Japanese rear base area with a sizeable garrison. This included elements of Lieutenant General Shigemasa Aoki’s 20th Division, which began to arrive early in 1943 as part of Lieutenant General Hatazo Adachi’s 18th Army.

Plans were made for a landing by Major General Frederick A. Irving’s 24th Division and Major General William H. Gill’s 32nd Division on 26 April 1944. The plan was eventually abandoned as the forces of General Douglas MacArthur' South-West Pacific Area command bypassed this base area after the success of the 'Brewer' campaign in the Admiralty islands group to strike farther to the west along New Guinea’s northern coast at the major Japanese base areas of Aitape and Hollandia in 'Persecution' and 'Reckless' respectively.