Operation Anvil (iii)

'Anvil' (iii) was the US counterpart of 'Aphrodite' (ii) using time-expired and/or obsolescent Consolidated B-24 Liberator four-engined heavy bombers, adapted as explosive-filled BQ-8 drones, to be flown into their targets by remote control (1944).

Several experimental conversions were made, but the BQ-8 was used operationally only once, on 12 August 1944, before the programme’s termination. Flown by the 562nd Bomb Squadron of the US 8th AAF, based at RAF Honington in the county of Norfolk, the BQ-8 was to be aimed at a V-1 flying bomb launch site in the Pas de Calais, but was lost together with its passage crew when its payload of Torpex explosive detonated prematurely.