Operation ARG

'ARG' was the designation of US naval convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying the route from Boston, Massachusetts, either south to New York City or north to Argentia, Newfoundland (October 1943/September 1944).

An early example of the series was ARG.3 of 1/6 November 1943 from Boston to New York City with the 1,392-ton Panamanian Alcedo, 1,333-ton Norwegian Annik, 1,312-ton Norwegian Askepot, 4,979-ton US Liberty Glo, 3,537-ton US Margaret Lykes, 1,685-ton US Nevada I, 5,422-ton US Rapidan, 5,450-ton US commissioned oiler Laramie, and 5,043-ton US Yarmouth. The last of the series was ARG.10A of 24/27 September 1944 from Boston to Argentia with the oiler Laramie.