Operation ARM

'ARM' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying local routes in the Mediterranean, most generally between the south of France and Oran in North Africa, in the aftermath of 'Dragoon' (i) (October 1944).

An early example of the series was ARM.3 of 28/31 August 1944 with a large number of 'Victory' ships such as the 7,176-ton US Asa Gray, 7,176-ton US Benjamin H. Latrobe, 7,191-ton US Bernard N. Baker, 7,177-ton US Betty Zane, 7,176-ton US Felix Grundy, 7,177-ton US Francis Marion, 7,176-ton US John Milledge, 7,176-ton US Joseph S. Emery, 7,177-ton US Marshall Elliott, 7,176-ton US Paine Wingate, 7,191-ton Norwegian Roald Amundsen, 7,244-ton US Robert T. Hill, 7,176-ton US Sarah Orne Jewett, 7,176-ton US Simon Willard, 7,176-ton US Theodore Foster, 7,176-ton Theodoric Bland, 7,187-ton US Thomas Hart Benson, 7,177-ton US Thomas Sumter, 7,191-ton US Tristram Dalton, and 7,176-ton US Washington Irving.

The last of the series was ARM.13A of 19/21 October 1944 with an unknown number of vessels.