Operation Arras

(French town)

'Arras' was an Axis operation to clear the partisan forces of Marshal Josip Broz Tito from the triangular area bounded by Lipik, Novska and Okučani in the puppet state of Croatia in German-occupied Yugoslavia (2/3 July 1944).

The partisan forces were elements of the VI Corps, which were sabotaging the railway lines in the area and derailing trains, and the operation against them was entrusted to Generalleutnant Hellmuth von Pannwitz’s 1st Kosaken-Kavalleriedivision and the Croat home army’s 1st Mountain Brigade 'Poglavnik Dr Ante Pavelić' and 4th Mountain Brigade, commanded by Pukovnik Stjepan Peričić and Pukovnik Matija Čanić respectively. On the night before the start of the Axis operation, partisan elements had sabotaged the main railway line in 72 places farther to the east, and no details of the operation’s results have survived.