Operation AS (ii)

'AS' (ii) was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying from ports on the eastern coast of the USA via Ascension Island, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, round the Cape of Good Hope to the Suez Canal, Egypt (March 1942/January 1943).

The first of these 'America to Suez' convoys was AS.1 from Charleston, South Carolina, to Ascension Island with the 7,057-ton US Coamo, which then proceeded to Massawa in Eritrea, and 6,360-ton US J. L. Luckenbach which reached Ascension Island via Pernambuco, Brazil. The series ended with AS.10 that departed Norfolk, Virginia, on 21 December 1942 bound for Suez in Egypt with the 18,152-ton US Mariposa.