Operation Auk

'Auk' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to reinforce the 'Arquebus' and 'Albatross' parties in the Haugesund area of German-occupied Norway, to reorganise the resistance forces in the district, and establish radio contact with the UK (November/December 1944).

The group’s leader was responsible for all three parties and would be military adviser to the local district leader of the Milorg military resistance organisation. Local teams would organise preventative work and reconnoitre cutting points along local communications. After the arrival by sea of the 'Auk' party (K. Vilnes, P. Ørstenvik, Captain Sjø and Lieutenant Robberstad) early in November, contact with Milorg widened. The role assigned to local groups was a combination of counter-scorch activities and attempts to hinder German troop movements to the east should this be needed.