Operation BAF

'BAF' was the designation of Allied fast troopship convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Bombay, India, to Aden, and as such reciprocals of the 'ABF' series (September 1944/January 1945).

An early example of these convoys was BAF.5 of 27 September/2 October 1944 with the 17,083-ton French Felix Roussel, 20,026-ton British Otranto carrying 1,166 troops, 23,722-ton British Stratheden carrying 2,017 troops, 23,428-ton British Strathmore carrying 3,382 troops, and 22,383-ton British Strathnaver carrying 1,467 troops.

The last was BAF.9 of 18/23 January 1945 with the 22,209-ton British Alcantara, 20,952-ton British Mooltan carrying 3,110 troops, 16,991-ton British Nea Hellas, 22,757-ton British Queen of Bermuda carrying 2,304 troops, and 22,283-ton British Strathnaver carrying 1,902 troops.