Operation Barbara II

'Barbara II' unrealised naval operation to sink shipping in the harbour of Askvoll in German-occupied Norway using 'Welman' one-man electrically powered submersible craft each weighing some 2,000 lb (907 kg) excluding the 425-lb (193-kg) Torpex warhead, which was designed for attachment by magnets to the target’s hull (December 1943/January 1944).

The operation made use of the other Norwegians trained to operate 'Welman' craft (2nd Lieutenant R. Larsen, Sergeant . Hansen, Corporal N. Olsen, Sergeant F. Kayser and Sergeant J. Akslen). A Special Operations Executive observer was landed on Atly, and a second attempt was made to land another two observers farther south. At the end of January 1944, however, after the operation had failed to get under way, both sets of observers were picked up and the operation was abandoned.