Operation Barbro III

'Barbro III' was a British naval undertaking by a motor gun boat of the 15th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla in support of the Norwegian resistance elements in the area of Ytre Sula in the region to the north of Bergen in German-occupied Norway (28/29 April 1945).

The boat in question was Lieutenant R. F. Seddon’s MGB-718, which for this mission departed and returned to Aberdeen.

This was MGB-718's last mission of World War II proper, but in the immediate aftermath of the war the boat, still based at Aberdeen, was used for three other efforts, namely the search for the missing MGB-2002 in the area off the Lista Light of south-western Norway between 17 and 21 May, a photographic survey of part of the Norwegian coast between 1 and 6 June, and finally 'Fermentation III' off south-western Norway between 11 and 26 July.