Operation BC (i)

'BC' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route between the Bristol Channel and ports of the Loire river and Quiberon Bay in western France (September 1939/June 1940).

The first of these convoys was BC.1 of 11/12 September 1939 with the 2,376-ton British Fenella and 2,376-ton British Tynwald escorted by the British destroyers Keith and Vivacious, and the last was BC.41 of 15/17 June 1940 with the 2,801-ton Norwegian Boreas, 3,041-ton British City of Lancaster, 5,013-ton British David Livingstone, 3,059-ton British Fabian, 4,252-ton British Glenlea and 2,918-ton British Robert L. Holt escorted by the anti-submarine trawlers Agate and Cambridgeshire.