Operation BC (ii)

'BC' (ii) was the designation of British special convoys (with a letter rather than numerical suffix) plying African routes (June/July 1940).

The first of the series was BC.B of 22/23 June 1940 from Durban to Capetown with the 23,371-ton British Orion and 17,702-ton Reina del Pacifico. The second was BC.C of 24 June/3 July 1940 from Capetown to Freetown, Sierra Leone, with the 23,371-ton British Orion, 17,702-ton Reina del Pacifico and 23,722-ton British Stratheden. The third was BC.A of 6/16 July 1940 from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Liverpool with the 8,323-ton British Aska, 9,891-ton British Karanj, 9,980-ton British Kenya, 23,371-ton British Orion, 17,702-ton British Reina del Pacifico and 23,722-ton British Stratheden, escorted by the heavy cruisers Cornwall and Australian Australia, and destroyers Havelock, Walker, Westcott and Canadian St Laurent.