Operation Begonia (ii)

'Begonia' (ii) was a British carrierborne minelaying operation to the south of Voksa island and attack on shipping off the Åramsund Canal near Stadlandet in German-occupied Norway (11/13 September 1944).

The forces for this undertaking included the elderly fleet carrier Furious (on her last operational sortie), the escort carriers Avenger and Trumpeter, the heavy cruiser Devonshire and the destroyers Marne, Musketeer, Myngs, Verulam, Vigilant and Canadian Algonquin of the 26th Destroyer Flotilla.

The attacks sank the patrol boat V-3507 and 5,374-ton freighter Ostland, and damaged the patrol boats V-5309 and V-5105 so severely that they had to be beached.