Operation Bergrutsch


'Bergrutsch' was a German operation again the partisan forces of Marshal Josip Broz Tito in the Knin and Benkovac areas of the puppet state of Croatia within German-occupied Yugoslavia (15/17 July 1944).

The operation was undertaken by elements of General Ernst von Leyser’s XV Gebirgskorps (1st Regiment 'Brandenburg', 92nd Regiment (mot.), five battalions of Generalleutnant Eduard Aldrian’s 373rd Division [kroatische], and an assortment of Ustase and Četnik groups from Knin, Sibenik and the Cetina valley), and engaged the Yugoslav 19th 'Dalmatia' Division in Bukovica and the eastern part of the Velebit mountain range.

After learning about German plan, the Yugoslav VIII Corps ordered its 9th 'Dalmatia' Division and 20th 'Dalmatia' Division to take advantage of the resulting weakening of the Axis garrisons in the Cetina valley and road to Bosansko Grahovo.