Operation Bisto

'Bisto' was a British unrealised plan for an operation by Lieutenant General Sir Montagu Stopford’s 12th Army (successor to Lieutenant General Sir William Slim’s 14th Army from 28 May 1945) against the coastal area of Moulmein on the coast of the southern appendix of Japanese-occupied Burma (July 1945).

At Moulmein were located the headquarters of General Heitaro Kimura’s Burma Area Army, together with the vastly reduced remnants of Lieutenant General Kiyoe Yamamoto’s 15th Division, Lieutenant General Tsuchitaro Kawada’s 31st Division, Lieutenant General Nobuo Tanaka’s 33rd Division and Major General Takayoshi Sakuma’s 24th Independent Mixed Brigade, while farther to the north, in the area of the 'appendix' between Mokpalin and Bilin, was Lieutenant General Masaki Honda’s 33rd Army with Lieutenant General Eitaro Naka’s 18th Division, Lieutenant General Saburo Takehara’s 49th Division, Lieutenant General Yoshihide Hayashi’s 53rd Division and Major General Kenehiro Yamamoto’s 72nd Independent Mixed Brigade.