Operation Bivouac

'Bivouac' was a British special forces mission to parachute a three-man commando liaison and sabotage mission to the resistance forces in the Krivoklat area of Czechoslovakia (27/28 April 1942).

After landing, the team (Warrant Officer Frantisek Pospísil, Staff Sergeant Jindřich Čoupek and Cadet Libor Zapletal) moved to Moravia, where its presence was betrayed by a school friend of Pospísil. A search by the Gestapo caught Zapletal, who told his captors where the two other men were hiding: Čoupek was seized and later executed on 22 September 1942 at Mauthausen concentration camp, and Zapletal, who had escaped but later been caught once again, was subsequently executed at the same camp. Pospísil evaded capture and organised a number of sabotage operations up to the spring of 1943, when he was seized by the Gestapo with the aid of a collaborationist informer and later executed in Terezín concentration camp toward the end of 1944.