Operation Bjørn West

'Bjørn West' was British operation by the Special Operations Executive to undertake a reconnaissance of the area between Bergen and Sognefjord in German-occupied Norway with a view to the possibility of establishing a resistance base and reception area (15 October 1944/8 May 1945).

The two-man advance party, comprising F. Kayser and S. Symes, left the Shetland islands by sea on 15 October to begin required preparatory work. The rest of the preparatory group, in the form of R. Tvinnerheim, K. Karlsen, A. Trønes and M. Mathiesen, was delivered by sea later in the same month with the additional tasks of establishing radio contact with the UK, reconnoitring the required billeting areas and dropping places, and reporting to London. The party received its first weapons drop on 7 November, and was reinforced by the arrival by sea of B. Eliassen in February 1945, and of M. Eikanger in 'Bjørn West VI', also by sea, in April.