Operation Blandings

'Blandings' was a British tactical/operational-level deception undertaking designed to prevent the Japanese from reinforcing those parts of Burma in which Lieutenant General Sir William Slim’s British 14th Army had an interest through the threat of combined operations against other areas of Burma (1944).

Conceived as an expansion and development of 'Ukridge', the 'Blandings' notional combined operation was known as 'Malice', which was to be a combined assault, to be launched on 21/24 April 1944, by four divisions (including one airborne division) against the area of Sandoway, Taungup and Prome with the object of cutting the Japanese lines of communication with their forces in the Arakan western coastal region of Burma, of creating a bridgehead on the lower part of the Irrawaddy river, and of establishing a base area from which to undertake further coast-hopping operations. The plan also involved diversionary landings on Cheduba and Ramree islands.