Operation Bludgeon

'Bludgeon' was a British unrealised special forces raid on Noordwijk-an-See on the coast of the German-occupied Netherlands to seize prisoners for interrogation (February 1942).

In February 1942, A, B and C Troops of No. 4 Commando were sent to the Outer Hebrides islands under the command of Captain the Lord Lovat for extra training. Returning to Troon in March, they were immediately forwarded to Dartmouth, where they embarked on the transport Prins Albert. It was only after they had earmarked that the commandos were briefed about 'Bludgeon' and began their specific mission training. The objective of this undertaking was a large building, just a short distance inland from the coast, that was used by senior German officers. For the duration of the operation B Troop were issued with flamethrowers to set the building on fire.

After the commandos had trained over a period of several days, the ship carrying the commandos moved around the coast and anchored in the Thames waiting for the start order, but the operation was then cancelled as a result of increased S-boote activity in the area of the landing and the realisation that a German minefield blocked the approach to the designated landing area.