Operation Blumenstrauss


'Blumenstrauss' was the German movement of six formations from areas in Pomerania, Hamburg, Soltau, Magdeburg, Halle-Leipzig and Giessen to the frontier regions with Belgium and the Netherlands in preparation for 'Gelb' (11/15 October 1939).

The formations involved were Generalleutnant Friedrich Olbricht’s 24th Division, Generalleutnant Eccard Freiherr von Gablenz’s 32nd Division, Generalleutnant Hans Wolfgang Reinhard’s 35th Division, Generalleutnant Paul Bader’s 3rd Division (mot.), Generalleutnant Mauritz von Wiktorin’s 20th Division (mot.) and Generalleutnant Ferdinand Schaal’s 10th Panzerdivision.