Operation BM (ii)

'BM' (ii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Karachi or Bombay to other Indian ports or Colombo, Ceylon, and as such reciprocals of the 'MB' series (February 1942/December 1944).

The first of these convoys was BM.13 of 13/25 February 1942 with the 8,956-ton British City of London carrying 2,271 troops, 10,902-ton British City of Paris carrying 1,390 troops, 10,926-ton British Eastern Prince carrying 1,277 troops, 5,108-ton British Egra carrying 926 troops, 7,006-ton British Empire Glade carrying 243 troops, 14,204-ton British Esperance Bay carrying 1,357 troops, 6,852-ton Polish Kosciuszko carrying 254 troops, 5,080-ton British Madras City carrying 200 troops, 6,360-ton British Penrith Castle carrying 236 troops, 6,770-ton British Silverteak carrying 500 troops, and 6,373-ton British Silverwillow carrying 236 troops, with an escort comprising the British light cruisers Caledon and Glasgow, British sloop Falmouth and Australian minesweeper Bathurst.

The last of the convoys was BM.103B of 28 November/1 December 1944 with the 5,108-ton British Ekma escorted by the British frigate Jed and minesweeper Gawler.