Operation Bodega

wine cellar

'Bodega' was a British naval deception plan for 'Overlord' (June 1944).

The name was used for a fictitious underground depot of huge size supposedly built in the Chislehurst caves of Kent in southern England, and the supposed location in which worked the purported 'Agent Four' of the imaginary network of agents controlled by 'Garbo', one of the greatest of all deception double agents, the Spanish Juan Pujol Garcia, who was known to the German as 'Arabel'. Brought from Portugal to the UK in 1942 by MI.5, 'Garbo' was then used for the development of a large and far-flung network of notional agents and sources, and was used for a number of very important tasks in which false information was fed to his German handlers, who believed him without significant reservation.