Operation Brunette

'Brunette' was a British unrealised naval deception designed to persuade the German navy that the 'Braun' (ii) operation to establish and then to reinforce and maintain the Axis lodgement in Tunisia was not worth the probable losses of Axis shipping (January/February 1943).

The object of the plan, which was discussed but not implemented, was to cause the German navy to exert pressure on the German army to cut its losses by abandoning Tunisia.

The four methods proposed to convince the German navy of the probability of significant losses were to indicate that eight submarines had been run into Malta, where dummies would by displayed to suggest a credible threat; to display dummy torpedoes on RAF airfields to suggest that existing bomber squadrons were to be adapted to the anti-ship role; to add a notional cruiser minelayer to the strength of the British naval forces in the Mediterranean; and notionally to bring a squadron of anti-ship destroyers from the UK.