Operation BS (i)

'BS' (i) was the designation of French convoys (together with a numerical prefix) plying the route from Brest, France, to Casablanca, Morocco (September 1939/June 1940).

A typical convoy of this series was 14.BS of 21/27 November 1939 with the 4,374-ton French Arijon which was sunk by Kapitänleutnant Wilhlm Ambrosius’s U-43, 2,477-ton French Beaumanoir, 2,299-ton French Cap Tafelneh, 4,765-ton British Chateauroux, 7,291-ton French D’Entrecasteaux, 3,482-ton French Marcel Schiaffino, 2,834-ton British Menhir Braz, 5,417-ton French PLM 21, 3,713-ton French Remois, 2,778-ton French St Basile, 2,624-ton French Tabarka, 4,425-ton French Tlemcen and 5,482-ton French Var, escorted by the French escort vessels and auxiliaries La Cancalaise, Chamois, La Havraise and Président Houduce.