Operation Buick

'Buick' was a US mass supply drop by Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers of Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle’s 8th AAF to the French resistance forces in the south-eastern part of France as part of Allied effort to support the pinning German forces in all parts of occupied France in the preparation for the wide-sweeping exploitation of the breakout of Allied land forces from the Normandy beach-head at the end of July in 'Cobra' (1 August 1944).

In 'Buick', which had the more immediate task of aiding the Savoie rising aided by the seven-man 'Union II' special operations group of the US Office of Strategic Services which was parachuted into the area at the same time, nearly 200 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress four-engined heavy bombers paradropped 864 containers loaded with British weapons including 1,096 Sten sub-machine guns, 298 Bren light machine guns, 1,350 Lee Enfield rifles, more than 3,000 hand grenades, 51 anti-tank guns and 2.5 million rounds of ammunition, as well as supplies, explosives and a number of other items.