Operation Bulldozer

'Bulldozer' was a British unrealised plan for an amphibious assault on the positions of Lieutenant General Tadashi Hanaya’s Japanese 55th Division on Akyab island off the Arakan western coastal region of Japanese-occupied Burma (spring 1944).

Designed by the headquarters of Lieutenant General W. J. Slim’s British 14th Army an exploitation of 'Cudgel', the plan was based on the use of Major General F. W. Festing’s Indian 36th Division and Brigadier M. R. J. Hope-Thompson’s Indian 50th Parachute Brigade, which were concentrated in the area of Calcutta and Chittagong, but the operation was cancelled for a variety of reasons, including the need for the required transport aircraft for the containment of the Japanese 'U' offensive against Imphal and Kohima.