Operation Bunkum

'Bunkum' was a British programme of reconnaissance operations, generally by six-man army special forces parties landed from British or Free Dutch submarines, to locate and examine beach areas suitable for amphibious landing on various parts of Japanese-occupied South-East Asia including the Andaman islands group and a number of islands in the Netherlands East Indies (January 1943/April 1944).

Similar undertakings to land, extract, contact, transfer or supply Australian, Free Dutch and Special Operations Executive groups by Free Dutch submarines between May 1942 and July 1945 were various 'Mackerel', 'Tiger', 'Troemoen', 'Valour', 'Matriarch', 'Gustavus', 'Prawn', 'Apricot', 'Firetree', 'Poppy', 'Potato', 'Parsnip', 'Goldfish' and 'Inco' operations.