Operation C (v)

'C' (v) was the designation of the Italian element of a pair of related trans-Mediterranean convoy operations between Tripoli in Libya and Naples in Italy (22/24 April 1942).

The northbound 'K' (iii) and southbound 'C' (v) each comprised two freighters escorted by the destroyers Antonio Pigafetta and torpedo boat Centauro, and the destroyer Nicolo Zeno and torpedo boat Pallade respectively. As they passed on reciprocal courses, the convoys exchanged their escorting destroyers, and the 'C' (v) convoy was later reinforced from Tripoli by the torpedo boats Generale Antonio Cantore and Generale Carlo Montanari as well as the German minesweepers R-12 and R-15. Both convoys reached their destinations safely despite intense British air attacks.