Operation Capital (i)

'Capital' (i) was a British original plan, initially schemed as 'Plan Y', by Lieutenant General W. J. Slim’s 14th Army for a broad-front Allied advance in the northern Burma (April 1943).

Within 'Capital' (i), the 14th Army was to cross the Chindwin river in north-western Burma, in co-operation with the Chinese forces commanded by Lieutenant General Joseph W. Stilwell advancing from the north, to take Mandalay and secure an Allied presence in central Burma during the summer of 1944. This would reopen the Burma Road so that a swelling flood of supplies could be delivered by road to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese Nationalist forces in southern China.

The strategic situation in which this plan had been drafted was then totally destroyed by the 'U' (ii) offensive of Lieutenant General Renya Mutaguchi’s 15th Army against Imphal and Kohima, and was later recast as 'Extended Capital', a somewhat more ambitious offensive designed to exploit Japanese exhaustion after the Imphal and Kohima battles.