Operation Capital (ii)

'Capital' (ii) was British convoy operation to move two British merchant vessels (7,131-ton Fort Carlton and 7,149-ton Fort Lennox) and four US merchant vessels (7,176-ton Emma Willard, 7,176-ton Henry Ward Beecher, 7,207-ton James W. Johnson and 7,176-ton Janet Lord Roper) from Naples in Italy to Palermo in Sicily (6 June 1944).

The convoy’s ships had delivered stores and supplies for Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark’s US 5th Army as it took Rome after breaking out from its Cassino through the 'Führer-Senger-Linie' to link with the 'Buffalo' breakout of its US VI Corps subsidiary, commanded by Major General Lucian K. Truscott, from its 'Shingle' lodgement.