Operation Carson

'Carson' was a British unrealised plan for carrierborne air and warship attacks on Japanese shipping and airfields in the areas of Penang in Malaya and Medan on the island of Sumatra in Japanese-occupied South-East Asia (10/15 August 1945).

The operation was allocated to Rear Admiral G. N. Oliver’s Force 61 1, which departed Trincomalee in August on 10 August to undertake its attacks on 14/15 August, but on 11 August, following the receipt of the news that Japan had announced it willingness to accept the Allies' surrender terms, the force was ordered to remain to the west of 90 E, and was later ordered to return to Trincomalee, where it arrived on 15 August.

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The escort carriers Ameer, Emperor, Empress, Khedive and Shah of the 21st Aircraft Carrier Squadron, the light anti-aircraft cruiser Royalist and the destroyers Penn, Tartar, Verulam and Vigilant of the 10th Destroyer Flotilla