Operation CD

'CD' was the designation of British convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying from Cape Town to Durban, South Africa, and as such reciprocals of the 'DC' series (November 1942/August 1944).

The first of these convoys was CD.1 of 15/19 November 1942 with four British merchant vessels (4,986-ton Aelybryn, 5,149-ton Dumfries, 9,559-ton Gleniffer and 4,974-ton Nyanza), and the last was CD.48 of 17/21 August 1944 with six merchant vessels in the form of the 3,310-ton Belgian Astrida, 5,161-ton British Benalder, 7,176-ton US Casper S. Yost, 7,100-ton British Dorval Park, 8,115-ton British Empire Pakeha and 7,219-ton US Frank A. Vanderlip.