Operation Chettyford

'Chettyford' was the Allied tactical deception undertaking, within 'Oakfield', in support of the Allied 'Shingle' landing at Anzio (December 1943/January 1944).

The 'story' promulgated by 'Chettyford' was that the Allies were reorganising General the Hon. Sir Harold Alexander’s 15th Army Group in January 1944 with a view to a continued defensive by Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark’s US 5th Army on the western side of Italy, though detaching formations for use in a landing in the area of Pisa in northern Italy, while General Sir Bernard Montgomery’s British 8th Army on the eastern side of Italy prepared for an advance along the coast of the Adriatic Sea to link with a beach-head established in north-eastern Italy by an amphibious assault near Rimini.

Lieutenant General George S. Patton undertook a well-publicised visit to units based around Cairo, and a number of double agents were used to misinform the Germans that a major invasion of the Balkans was also planned under Patton’s command.