Operation Chloroform

'Chloroform' was an Allied special forces operation to parachute a three-man French and US team into the Drôme area on the edge of the Vercors plateau in German-occupied France to establish liaison with the local resistance forces (29 June 1944).

This was one of four 'Jedburgh' teams dropped into the south of France at the end of June 1944, and comprised Henry Mackintosh, Jean Sassi and Jacques Martin. The objective of all four teams was to aid the local resistance forces in their effort to prevent German forces in the south from being redeployed to the north of France to combat the Allied forces which had established a major lodgement in Normandy after 'Overlord', and to support the training of what was hoped would be a force of 77,000 resistance fighters to rise up against the Germans when 'Dragoon' was launched on the south coast of France in August 1944.