Operation Choker II

'Choker II' was an Allied unrealised plan by Lieutenant General Lewis H. Brereton’s Allied 1st Airborne Army for an airborne landing to the east of the Rhine river by Major General Eldridge G. Chapman’s US 13th Airborne Division in the area between Mainz and Mannheim for the creation of an airhead which could be rapidly reinforced and thereby aid the assault crossing of this river by Lieutenant General Alexander McC. Patch’s US 7th Army (25 March/4 April 1945).

The plan was designed to facilitate the separation of Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model’s Heeresgruppe 'B' in the north and SS-Oberstgruppenführer und Generaloberst der Waffen-SS Paul Hausser’s (from 4 April General Friedrich Schulz’s) Heeresgruppe 'G' in the south, thereby trapping major German forces in a pocket between Koblenz and Frankfurt-am-Main.

The operation was within hours of implementation, from air bases in France, when it was cancelled as unnecessary on the grounds that US ground forces had just overrun the area in which the landing was to have been made.