Operation Crack

'Crack' was a British carrierborne air attack by elements of Vice Admiral Sir James Somerville’s Gibraltar-based Force 'H' on targets in and around Elmas and Cagliari on the southern coast of the Italian island of Sardinia within the overall context of 'Coat' and 'MB8', and also designed to distract the Italians from the forthcoming 'Judgement' (i) (8/9 November 1940).

The attack was undertaken by Fairey Swordfish single-engined bombers of Nos 810, 818 and 820 Squadrons operating from the fleet carrier Ark Royal, which was escorted by warships including the light cruisers Glasgow and Sheffield, and the destroyers Duncan, Firedrake, Forester, Foxhound and Isis. The attack caused some damage to hangars and seaplanes, but no aircraft were observed on the ground, there was little Italian opposition. The British force sustained no casualties.