Operation Croquet

'Croquet' was a British naval sweep against shipping off the west coast of German-occupied Norway in the area just to the north of Bud (3/7 May 1944).

The task was performed by the aircraft of the fleet carrier Furious and escort carrier Searcher, which were supported by the heavy cruiser Berwick and the destroyers Savage, Wakeful, Wizard, Canadian Algonquin and Free Polish Błyskawica and Piorun.

The ships sortied toward the Kristiansund Nord area on 3 May. After a 24-hour delay occasioned by adverse flying conditions, a force of 18 Fairey Barracuda bombers and 14 Supermarine Seafire fighter-bombers from Furious and 20 Grumman Wildcat fighter-bombers from Searcher attacked two German convoys and, for the loss of two aircraft, sank the 2,522-ton ore carrier Almora and 7,913-ton tanker Saarburg. Other German ships were damaged, and the fighters also shot down two German flying boats.