Operation CW (ii)

'CW' (ii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the Panama Canal to Key West, Florida (July 1942).

There were only two of these 'Cristóbal to Key West' convoys, in the form of CW.2 and CW.3. The first of these, on 3/12 July 1942, comprised the 18,713-ton British Ceramic, 7,176-ton US Fisher Ames, 7,127-ton British Fort Alexandria, 6,479-ton British Lobos, 7,174-ton British Ocean Vista, 5,820-ton British Port Halifax and 2,226-ton Panamanian Vagrant. The second, on 7/13 July, comprised the 5,990-ton US Andrew Jackson, 6,009-ton British City of Christchurch, 7,443-ton British City of Delhi, 7,176-ton US Edwin Markham, 7,623-ton Honduran Francis R. Hart, 7,176-ton US John C. Fremont, 7,176-ton John Hathorn, 4,118-ton British Lord Byron, 7,174-ton British Ocean Vengeance, 7,174-ton British Ocean Volga, 1,738-ton US T. W. Drennen, 6,494-ton US Toloa and 4,938-ton Panamanian Typhoon.