Operation Dartboard

'Dartboard' was a British undertaking, associated with 'Corona' (i), to use the Aspidistra 600-kW radio transmitter, located in England, to disrupt German night-fighter operations against Allied bombers over Germany (1943/45).

German radar stations broadcast the movements of the bomber streams on their way to targets during the British Battle of Berlin air campaign waged by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris’s RAF Bomber Command. As part of their strategies to misdirect the German night-fighters, German-speaking RAF operators impersonated German ground control operators, sending fake instructions to the night-fighters, directing them to land or to move to the wrong sectors. This interference to German radio telephony and wireless transmission traffic was known as 'Dartboard'.

As German operational procedures changed to prevent impersonation, the British copied them, bringing in members of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force when the Germans started to use female operators.