Operation Divan

This was a British naval diversionary undertaking, during the passage of the JW.60 convoy through the Bjørnøya Passage, to mine the Leads of German-occupied Norway at Finnenarennen and Gibostad, harass German shipping, and destroy military installations in the Tromsø area (19/29 September 1944).

The force involved, an element of Admiral Sir Henry Moore’s Home Fleet under the command of Rear Admiral F. H. G. Dalrymple-Hamilton, were the fleet carrier Indefatigable, light cruiser Swiftsure, and destroyers Cambrian, Caprice, Cassandra, Obedient, Offa, Onslow, Opportune, Oribi, Orwell and Zephyr. This force reached its operational area, but the operation then had to be abandoned as a result of wholly unsuitable weather conditions.