Operation DM (i)

'DM' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Durban, South Africa, to ports in Malaya (January/March 1942).

There were three such convoys, of which the first was DM.1 of 2/13 January 1942 detached from the WS.13 convoy for Singapore with the 7,906-ton Dutch Abbekerk carrying motor transport and 16 troops, 14,491-ton British Aorangi carrying 2,194 troops, 24,289-ton US Mount Vernon, 16,632-ton British Narkunda carrying 1,773 troops, and 13,647-ton British Sussex carrying motor transport and 14 troops. The last was DM.3 of 19 February/6 March 1942 detached from the WS.15 convoy for Bombay with the 6,811-ton Dutch Abbekerk carrying motor transport and 16 troops, 7,621-ton British Autolycus carrying 3,092 troops, 16,287-ton Dutch Christiaan Huygens carrying 1,475 troops, 7,793-ton British Empire Woodlark carrying 1,455 troops, 5,400-ton British Pardo carrying motor transport and 16 troops, 8,535-ton British Port Chalmers carrying motor transport and 256 troops, 10,683-ton British Staffordshire carrying stores and 2,214 troops and 22,283-ton British Strathnaver carrying 3,083 troops, with escort provided by the battleship Ramillies, 14,170-ton armed merchant cruiser Corfu, destroyer Norman, and sloops Falmouth and Indian Sutlej.