Operation Easement

'Easement' was a British series of small-scale naval undertakings by Lieutenant P. Williams’s MGB-502 of the 15th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla to land and/or extract agents at the Pointe de Beg-an-Fry on the Brittany coast of German-occupied northern France (January/February 1944).

Coming after the same boat’s 'Jealous' operations and before its 'Bonapart' and subsequent operations in the period up to August 1944, 'Easement I' of 28/29 January was designed to land one agent and collect 10 agents, and was unsuccessful as the resistance reception party had gone to a beach 330 yards (300 m) farther to the south, which the organiser thought better than that already chosen and on which the motor gun boat’s 'surf boats' landed.

'Easement II' of 26/27 February was designed to land two or three agents and collect 10 agents, and was successful. 'Easement III' was a successful operation on 28/29 February 1944 to land two or three agents.